Research Interests

All the world is a system,
And all the natural and artificial entities are merely components;
They have their inputs and their outputs—and their states,
And one component in its time affects many others,

My general research interests are in the design and analysis of cyber-physical systems (CPS). The concept map here (which I contributed to) describes what they are. My research work investigates formal modeling and analysis techniques that can be applied to improve existing designs or to tackle more complex designs. I am interested in how these techniques can be incorporated into design methodologies and design tools to aid engineers in their ability to develop solutions to many of the complex problems that require CPS.

My dissertation work is exploring this theme in the context of body sensor networks, looking at notions and techniques for examining their patient safety implications. My current and past application areas are in the healthcare and sensor networks space; however, I maintain interests in many other areas including transportation, robotics and general automation, and emerging platforms and technologies. You can find out more about what I am up to in this space under UVA Research.